Crystal Health Group have been providing Bio testing services to individuals and organisations since 2005.

The company now operates more than 170 testing clinics at locations throughout the UK and Ireland, performing thousands of Polygraph, DNA, drug and alcohol tests a year for private individuals, local government, the legal sector and commercial organisations.

The company founder and Director Nichola Lawton is committed to turning quality scientific advances into productive services. Her vision is to make such science accessible and openly available to the public in a clinical and ethical manner, while complying with all testing legislation and accreditations required by the UK government.

We pride ourselves on the personal and professional approach we adopt with all of our clients, no matter how small or large their requirements may be.

The company has grown based on the original ethos of providing accessible testing services in a clinical and ethical manner and this is demonstrated through our commitment to quality and provision of support services such as counselling.

In addition, the company remains committed to delivering a service that will fully comply with any future drug and alcohol testing legislation introduced by the UK Government.

A list of current certification & accreditation relating to the tests we offer can be viewed here.