Polygraph Investigative Services

When discovering the truth is of paramount importance

Our qualified and BEPA registered examiners can tailor a polygraph examination to suit any particular issue.

A polygraph (lie detector) test is an investigative tool. It can detect dishonesty and can also verify innocence. 

The purpose of a professional polygraph examination is to verify the truth of a specific statement, however it is also an invaluable tool in on-going investigations.

Polygraph exams shorten any investigative process, as they can be used to determine who is implicated, who may be involved and who may have knowledge. Polygraph testing saves money and time.

Polygraph testing should be administered in a low profile, friendly and non-accusatory interview process. And discretion of our qualified examiners can be relied upon for excellent results.

Whether you are a corporate company, a government agency, or a private individual looking to verify the truth – Crystal Health Group can help.

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DNA Relationship Tests

If you need answers quickly to establish biological relationships, DNA Clinics can help.

We have an extensive range of DNA tests available that can be used for both legal purposes and personal information only. DNA test types range from paternity testing to complex relationship tests for siblings and grandparents.

Sample collection for all Legal DNA tests takes place at our local DNA Clinics around the UK. We are the only DNA testing company that provides FREE DNA test kits for individuals looking for peace of mind.

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Drug and Alcohol Tests

Fast drug and alcohol testing results for workplace, legal and private purposes.

As with our DNA tests, we have a comprehensive suite of drug and alcohol tests available. From random drug screening using urine samples to hair drug and alcohol testing to prove abstinence, we have a test to suit any requirement.

Crystal Health Group are an established provider to industry for drug and alcohol testing. We aim to deliver a fully compliant drug and alcohol testing service by committing to industry recognised accreditation standards such as RISQS (formerly Link-up) and UVDB.

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