Our qualified examiners are discrete and can tailor the polygraph examination to suit any situation where verification of truth is required.

Some examples of where our polygraph services can help include but are not limited to the following:

  • Theft
  • Pre-Employment Screening 
  • Employee Drug and Alcohol Screening
  • Random Integrity Screening of Employees
  • Insurance Claims against the Company
  • Assisting In-House Security
  • Internal Issues


Do you suspect cases of theft by an employee or employees?

If there are suspicions of theft within the workplace that cannot be resolved by other means, the polygraph is a very accurate and effective investigative instrument. Not only can it be used to identify if there has been theft in the workplace but it is an excellent anti-theft tool and can be another way of preventing or discouraging employee theft.

Have you been falsely accused of theft at work?

On the other hand, if an employer has accused you of theft at work and you need to prove your innocence, the polygraph can assist in presenting your case.

Pre-employment Screening

  • Security companies
  • Pharmaceutical sales companies
  • Pharmaceutical transportation companies
  • Power generating companies
  • Other government agencies

Some job candidates are willing to make serious fraudulent claims in order to secure employment.

In industries where employees are exposed to sensitive or expensive materials, or where security is paramount, pre-employment screening using polygraph testing will uncover deception and protect both the company and your workforce.

Employee Drug and Alcohol Screening

Drug and Alcohol screening is a common place in industry and Crystal Health Group offer an extensive range of Accredited Drug Testing Services.

However, polygraph (lie detector) testing can be ideal tool to use in conjunction with these services, especially when it is not possible to obtain sufficient testing samples from an individual or to assess whether a potential or existing employee has a hidden present or past addiction to drugs and/or alcohol and whether there has been any use of substances at work.

Polygraph tests are a perfect alternative or additional drug and alcohol testing technique. The tests can be used as part of the employment process or as an ongoing monitoring /support solution if you hold suspicions of a current employees use.

Random Integrity Screening of Employees

Much like our random drug testing programs , random integrity screening of employees works as a deterrent as well as identifying those who are involved in or have knowledge of illegal activities.

Particularly important for:

  • Security companies
  • Pharmaceutical sales companies
  • Pharmaceutical transportation companies
  • Power generating companies

Polygraph Examination following an Event

Quickly remove suspicion from employees who had no part in an incident, while assisting the investigation into identifying the guilty parties.

Multiple people can be tested at one appointment.

We also offer multi-lingual examiners and trusted interpretation services. 

Clients can choose to undertake polygraph examinations at one of our unique Polygraph (Lie Detector) Testing Clinics.


We can provide one of our Mobile Polygraph Examiners to visit you onsite at your place of work or at another location of your choice.

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