When trust is lost in a relationship, it could take years to recover, if ever.

The suspicion that your husband or wife has been cheating on you can be a desperate time for families and partners.

Indeed for the faithful partner being accused of cheating when they have done no wrong, it can be a distressing and anger provoking situation.
If you feel that your husband or wife is lying to you on a regular basis, then a polygraph is not going to solve your challenges.

However, a polygraph can find the truth in relation to particular issues, for example whether your partner has had sexual contact or sexual intercourse with another person.

In many cases the evidence of adultery is not definitive and so the only way to find out the truth is through an infidelity test from a qualified polygraph examiner.

Many couples struggle on for a long time with doubts and trust issue hindering their relationship. Let us remove the doubt for you, leaving you free to make the choices that are right for you and your family. 

If you believe that your partner has been cheating on you, it can be a very upsetting and distressing time. If you feel finding the truth could help you to move on with your relationship then please contact our Clinical Advisers for friendly, unbiased advice.

If you have been accused of cheating and want to prove your innocence, then again contact us to arrange a polygraph test. Polygraph tests don’t just detect lies, they verify the truth.

In situation such as this, we strongly suggest that you seek the help of a qualified marriage counsellor in addition to this polygraph. Our advisers will be happy to provide you with contact details for a number of marriage counsellors in your area.

Our qualified and experienced examiners can provide discrete tests either at one of our local polygraph lie detector testing clinics or at a venue of your choice such as a solicitors office or even your own home.

Types of infidelity testing available for relationship issues include:

Cheating/Fidelity or Infidelity Test

This type of polygraph exam is used to determine whether one partner has had sexual contact with anyone else besides his/her partner. Other related items may include questions about dating, kissing, having contact with "exes," etc.

Internet Activities Infidelity Test

Not all "cheating" requires physical contact. Polygraph can be used to determine the extent of "sexual" activities conducted over the internet, such as visits to pornographic sites, dating sites, sexual chat rooms etc

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